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Through the Editor’s Window: Memories of Mules in the Mountains

I had a lot of interesting adventures, back in the late 80’s working as a reporter for the Whitley Republican in the small town of Williamsburg, Kentucky. That little mountain town always had its share of interesting things going on.

Sometimes things got a little weird, but it was always interesting, nonetheless.

One experience in particular remains dear to my heart – the day we went up into the mountains to do a feature on mules hauling pipeline. My friend and newspaper comrade, Teresa, found a copy of that article for me and sent it to me not too long ago. Reading it again brought back so many memories.

When Nothing Else Works – Bring in the Mules

A company working to lay pipeline in the Kentucky mountains had a little trouble with the big trucks getting into some places they needed to go. So the foreman had a bright idea to take mules up there to help do the job. It still kinda fascinates me, all these years later.

Our newspaper photographer, Bill, got wind of the goings on and off we went to find the mules and get the story. When we arrived, we found it just as we’d heard – mules were doing the work where trucks couldn’t. It still stands as my favorite experience from my time at the paper. (well, that and getting free supper every Tuesday night at the Bonanza steakhouse. But that’s another story).

I interviewed the foreman (and the mules 🙂 ), and Bill captured everything on film – it turned out to be a very nice feature and both of us won awards from the Kentucky Weekly Newspaper Association for best photo feature and best feature story that year. Cool beans.

A Dream Realized

I eventually moved on from newspaper work, but never forgot my love of writing about everyday life – neat stories about people, places and things.

In the back of my mind, I missed newspaper life and thought that I would like to do it again. Then I found out about the One Christian Voice network of online news and feature publications. Long story shortened a bit, I became the editor of East Tennessee (ETN) Christian Voice! I’m back in the newspaper writing business (online instead of print this time). The dream is happening.

Don’t ever let go of your dreams. They’re there for a reason. God has placed great visions and desires in your heart – don’t wait till the “right time” when everything fits together perfectly. Go ahead and get started on that dream!

Have faith. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” — Hebrews 11:1


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