Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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Through the Editor’s Window: Laughing is Good for What Ails ‘Ya

I love to laugh and I love watching old reruns of Andy Griffith. In one of the episodes, Andy and Opie are talking about Opie’s friend, Johnny Paul Jason’s ‘lergics’ and how he wasn’t allowed to breathe between April and May. Andy’s reply, “he has to breathe to live.” It’s the same with laughing. You gotta laugh! I think it’s good to find something to laugh about every day – several times a day. I know a good laugh does me good. A big laugh from way down deep inside can change the course of my day. The Bible says, “A merry heart does good like a medicine.” So skip the pills and laugh. (I’m not a doctor, so don’t not take your medicine because I said so.) I believe that scripture wholeheartedly. If it wasn’t important to laugh, God would not have given us all giggle boxes. Even the worst gangster in the world has a giggle box! On an aside: wouldn’t it cut down on a lot of crime if mean people would laugh more?! (not to make light of serious situations, but I think it might just help cut down on crime.) We could call it “giggle box therapy”. Now that is something I could get interested in. Hey, if God says laughing is important, then it’s IMPORTANT. It is very important in my life. I think laughter is a great coping mechanism. While everyone else is doling out advice about important things like mental health, finances, Biblical wisdom and all, I’m just trying to help people laugh more. Some of my favorite movies are the greatest ones in terms of acting or storyline — they just make me laugh a lot. Maybe you’ve forgotten how to laugh. Life, with its ups and downs, has stolen your giggle box. Well, find that thing and wind it up again! Take back your laugh. There’s not much in life that makes you feel any better than a good, hearty laugh. I find the “funny” in just about everything. If you see me laughing and there’s no one else around, don’t call the guys in the white coats. I’ve probably heard or read something that struck me as hilarious. Laughing is ok. Yeah, old tv, like the Andy Griffith Show, is the way to go if you want a good laugh. Those old shows exhibit some of the best writing ever and it was hilarious. The characters were genuinely funny just being themselves. It wasn’t forced and there was no bad language thrown in just try drum up a laugh. I dare you to watch one “Fun Girls” episode or one with Goober and Gomer, and not laugh. And Barney — Don Knotts could make you hee haw just singing ‘good old 14A’. The world needs to laugh more. Heck, our own country needs to learn to laugh more. I’m doing my part to fulfill the mission, leading people to Laughville, USA every chance I get.

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