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Spring Egg Topiary DIY

Decorate your front porch with a Spring Egg Topiary with this easy DIY project. The topiary begins with drilling 1/2″ holes in the ends of 3 graduated sized painted plastic eggs that are stacked together with a dowel rod secured in plaster of Paris. Similarly the eggs are painted with acrylics with spring colors in tulips, diamonds and plaid designs. These pretty topiaries will look great on our front porch in your favorite urn.

How to Make the Egg Topiary

Spring Egg Topiary DIY

Watch Assembly Here:

Spring Egg Topiary DIY| copy

Materials Needed:

Material Supply List for One Topiary

  1. 12″ grapevine wreath
  2. Plastic eggs – 3 graduated sizes*
  3. Acrylic Paints- colors of choice + white
  4. Paint brushes- 1″ flat and small round liner
  5. Kilz primer+ regular paint brush
  6. 1/2″ dowel rod
  7. 1/4″ plywood cut to fit top circumference of urn
  8. Garden urn +paint to match urn
  9. 4″ x 4″ milk carton
  10. Plaster of Paris- small container
  11. Faux vine
  12. drill with 1/2″ drill bit

Painting the Eggs*

Spring Egg Topiary DIy

First decide on the design or pattern you want your eggs to look like. I knew I wanted diamonds, plaid and tulips so I found photos of those elements and painted the designs free hand. If you don’t do free hand, an easy way to decorate the eggs is with stickers, painted dots, stripes, or decals. You can also decoupage the eggs with mod podge and paper printed napkins.

I used acrylic paint colors Hauser Dark Green, Lantern Orange, Bright Baby Pink, Royal Fuchsia, Lime Green and White.

Spring Egg Topiary paints-

To See How to Paint Plaids, Diamonds and Tulips click here:

Before you begin painting, you will need to drill openings for the 1/2″ dowel rod in the bottom and top of the large and medium sized eggs, for the top egg, drill an opening only in the bottom.

Tip: It is easier to drill the openings if the eggs are separated, but keep the egg halves of the same egg in one place to make it easier for you to put the egg together after primer is dry.

Next the eggs are primed with kilz. I used three coats to completely cover the bright plastic eggs.

Tip:You have to use the primer to keep the acrylic paint on the eggs, if you paint the color or design with out the primer the colors will be off and will not stick to egg.

Next paint the eggs with pure white acrylic paint. Allow to dry overnight.

Topiary & Assembly

Cut milk carton 5″ from bottom, this is your base for the Plaster of Paris and the dowel rod.

Cut dowel rod to fit your finished height of project with the inside of the urn being your starting measure to the top of the three eggs. Mine was 40″.

Cut the 1/4″ plywood the circumference of the urn. Drill 1/2″ opening in the center of the disc. Paint the plywood to match the urn. My urn was black so I painted the disc black for cohesive look.

Mix together the Plaster of Paris as per box directions and pour into milk carton mold. Insert dowel rod into center of the plaster, hold for a few minutes until plaster somewhat hardened. Place the carton with dowel in the urn and place the disc over the dowel. This will help the plaster and dowel stay vertically straight.

Spring Egg Topiary DIY-urn dowel plaster
Milk carton and 1/2″ dowel as the structure for the topiary.
Spring Egg Topiary Diy
Wooden disc as the platform for your egg topiary.
Spring Egg Topiary- wreath with greenery
Wrap vine around grapevine wreath.
Spring Egg Topiary Diy- one egg-
Stack painted eggs one on top of each other.
Spring Egg
Adding middle egg to topiary.

Place grapevine wreath over dowel onto disc. Wrap with faux greenery/vine. Position large painted egg on the dowel to the base of disc, add the second painted egg and last the top egg. TADA! All done!

Place your beautiful topiary on your front porch and enjoy it all Spring! Let me know how your’s turns out.

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Let me know if you make one or two! 

Happy Easter!


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