How to Make Pumpkin Candle Holders


Check out how to create this DIY harvest pumpkin, gourd and candle table scape for fall events. Various squashes, pumpkin candle holders help set the table. Harvest pumpkin|gourds and candle scape begins with gathering fall leaves, gourds, berries, various sized pumpkins, candles and even a ‘jack bean’. The long skinny green gourd/squash that you see in the photo below.  Once you gather your materials, set the table with large pumpkins and gourds first as the center of the table, then fill in with leaves, and smaller pumpkins, fall materials. Lastly, add the pumpkin candle holders.

Create several pumpkin candle holders for a glowing experience down the center of the table.  This is last minute idea for quick harvest table settings.  Easy to put together in moments.

How to Make Pumpkin Candle Holders,

How to make the Pumpkin Candle Holders

You will need mini pumpkins or pumpkins of choice, tapered candles and duck tape.  In this example I used orange tapers with black duck tape and white battery operated candles with orange duck tape.  (These pumpkin holders will last through out the month of November if your home is on the cool side if not, place the pumpkins in a cool place to keep if you plan to use for Thanksgiving Dinner Table).  Duck tape is easy to remove if you don’t want the stripped effect for Thanksgiving.


Supplies Needed 

Taper Candles, 1/2″ wide duck tape, pumpkins, drill and 3/4″ drill bit, hot glue, knife to remove pumpkin stem.

Step 1:  Remove pumpkin stem. Attach drill bit to drill.  Wrap tapers with duck tape in striped fashion or design of choice.

Step 2:  Have someone hold the pumpkin while you drill the center opening.  Use the drill bit size that best fits your candle base.

Step 3:  Fill opening and candle end with hot glue, insert into opening of pumpkin.Do not move the candle after it is placed in the opening.  Hold candle steady until it is secure.

Step 4:  Place on table and enjoy!

Pumpkins Gourds & More Table Scape Idea

Let me know if you try these easy DIY.  Making your own Pumpkin Candle holders are an easy way to make you and your table shine!

Enjoy!  Liz xoxo

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