Dining Alfresco


Dining outside is simple with this easy recipe and table setting ideas. Surprise your family tonight with a table set outside for supper.  They might be shocked at this fun gesture but be prepared for making wonderful memories together.  Watch this video to see how to make a rustic and quick Caprese Galette as the main course and centerpiece, Rhododendron leaf chargers, and pocket napkin fold to hold the silverware.  Of course you can serve other main courses or grab a pizza as the centerpiece.. but honestly it is more fun to make it. It’s end of summer and almost fall, enjoy this beautiful weather while you can.  Eat outside for change of pace.  Check out the video then head over to my website for more ideas.  Click on photos for direct links to recipes below.

Dining Alfresco Table setting/Video

Shades of green creates a natural color scheme for this easy to entertain table scape.  The table is set for four with butcher paper bands as a table runner.  Chalk painted names at each place setting shows guests where to set at this pretty table. They will love the fresh rhododendron leaf chargers and pocket napkin fold at each place setting.  For a simple centerpiece serve a colorful main dish “Rustic Caprese Galette”


Dessert Anyone?

Fig Balsamic Strawberry Tomato Peach Topping Recipe

For Dessert try Fig Balsamic-Tomato, Strawberry & Peach Topping served over vanilla ice creamA unique flavor as it is sweet and savory, tart and tangy.  The fig balsamic balances the tart and sweet flavors.  Click on link or photo for recipe.

Dining Alfresco-triple fruit ice cream-lizbushong.com

To help with the ambiance of the evening and to provide soft lighting, glass globes with green peas and tea lights are hanging on branches of a cherry tree.   As the sun sets the tree lights up like fireflies in the darkness of a summer night. This table setting is simple décor that looks to nature for inspiration.


DIY Charger and Simple Napkin Fold can be seen in video above.

Enjoy Entertaining at Home!  xo

Other ideas you might like to try:

Chicken & Sausage Galette Recipe

Pin Winter-Rustic-chicken-pot-pie-with-sage-garnish-

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