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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

A New Perspective on Thanksgiving Tradition

Thanksgiving is an important holiday for Americans, but someone coming in from outside the country may not be acquainted with all the traditions. Lana McGrady found herself in that predicament...

Get Involved in the Community!

One Tri Cities woman is taking her own advice and has become involved in her community - she’s even written a book to help others get involved in the...

Karen Kingsbury: Changing Lives with Inspiring Fiction

With more than 80 novels written and more than 25 million copies sold, Karen Kingsbury is a well-known and well loved author. She considers her unique genre life-changing fiction.

Season of Giving: Opportunities Are Abundant

This time of year our attention turns to giving more than at any other time. The opportunities to give are everywhere -- at store entrances, in emails, in advertisements bidding...